The beginning of the journey

Hey this is my first post in this site. i just want to let you know a little bit of myself and the reason why this site was made.

My name is Elwanda Yudistira, currently i’m attending a college in University of lampung, department of technic, Informatic Engineering to be clear. Because i’m in no mood to write stuff now, i will skip all of the boring details about me and just go through the main point. it all began when my lecturer ask me to create a site from and so this site was made. Although this site main purpose was just to post my college task but now i think that it can fill my spare time.

So to make it short, now this site will serve not only for college stuff but also for my own benefit. I will use my spare time to express all of the feelings and thought inside me.

ok i will end this pointless topic here and i hope you will enjoy reading this site from time to time ^^

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