IC-STAR Universitas Lampung 2015

Event on 23 Sep , 2015

Welcome to the 1stInternational Conference on Science, Technology, and Interdisciplinary Research (IC-STAR). I am also welcoming you in Bandar Lampung, the capital city of Lampung Province, where the conference will be held in September 21-23, 2015.

There is a thesis that said the scientific, technological, and interdisciplinary researches are the main contribution to overcome many challenges in economic development, social responsibility and policy making, beside its direct impact to developing and generating knowledge, ideas and value. The rapid pace of change in science and technology may be influencing those things. At the end, it is important to preserve the sustainable science, technology, and interdisciplinary research for sustainable well-being.

Accordingly, we planned to organise this International Conference to highlight recent and significant advances in research and development in science and technology. The conference intends to discourse, share, elaborate and disseminate the solution space that has been produced and enhanced by the research in emerging scientific and associated engineering practices. The conference would provide a platform to present research papers, case studies, and technical reports by researcher, academicians, students, industrial experts, analysts, practitioners and policy makers together and review the contemporary work happening in the specific selected topics of interest.

Beside the scientific aspects, the conference is conducted in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of University of Lampung, the host of IC-STAR 2015. We would also like to suggest you not to overlook to exploring the unique heritage of Lampung, the south eastern edge of Sumatra Island. You may visit the mount Anak Krakatau (Child of Krakatoa) at Sunda strait, driving the Elephant at Way Kambas National Park, observing the Dolphins dance and snorkeling the undersea park at Kiluan Bay, swimming at several white and black sands beaches, or just enjoying the taste of Lampung’s Luwak coffee, a famous Robusta coffee from Lampung.

I believe all Conference sections and tracks which dedicated to promotion of emerging scientific and technological outcomes will bring you a new opportunity. I also hope your experience in Lampung will give you a memorable moment.

Look forward to meeting you at the Conference.

Sincerely yours,

The conference will be held in September 21-23, 2015