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Our problem in learning English #1

I always enjoy speaking, or typing my text in English. I don’t know , it just fits me so well. Eventough i must admit that in my text (Even i’m sure in this post) I do have a lot of mistakes in my English. My grammar is one of my weakness in speaking, or writing. And then, the main question is, if i know that i will make that lot of mistakes, why do i still have courage in speaking and writing in English?

The answer is pretty simple, though. I learned English in a supportive atmosphere. My parents, My teacher, My friends, My whole family, are the most important factor why can I keep speaking and writing in English. If, IF, i grown at unsupportive atmosphere, i don’t really sure that i will be able to write some kind of this post (I mean like, a post in english).

My friends ask me once, “Bill, how came that you can speak and write in English this good?”. And then i answered “Because i never ashamed of my mistake, i always proud of mistakes that i made, i learned form mistakes that i’ve made.”. If i can critize one thing about our society, it will be our “shame-of-our-mistake-but-don’t-wanna-fix-it” culture. We should brave in making mistakes, because we’ll never know what is right if we never wrong.

And finally, i want to tell anybody out there who’s reading this post. NEVER ASHAMED OF YOUR MISTAKES. LEARNED FROM IT, ACHIEVED YOUR ULTIMATE SUCCESS. That’s it from me, i’m out.


P.S : My next post will probably all will be written in English. And i will write about our problem in speaking and learning in English more often.

P.S.S : Feel free to comment in this post.



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